Urban Iran is a depiction of everyday life apart from international and diplomatic policies, giving voice to people living and working in Iran today while probing the complexities of contemporary Iran. The focus here is on graffiti and street art in contemporary Iran along with streets scenes depicting everyday life, especially in the bustling, angry metropolis that is Tehran. Karan Reshad and Sina Araghi do the photography while writing about what life is like today in Iran and about the life and intent of the artists. There are also essays such as "Slab City" by Brian Ackley, and "Roots of Rebellion" by Coco Ferguson. There is some information about the artists, some of whom are young taggers who operate underground away from the censoring eyes of the theocratic regime.

Described and revealed by photographers, writers and visual artists, from street art to heavy metal bands and book publishing, Urban Iran documents how the Western media gaze influences how much of the world views Iran, but also how this gaze impacts how Iranians see themselves.

Client: Mark Batty Publisher
Project: Book Design
Author: Salar Abdoh, Charlotte Noruzi
Designer: Eliane Lazzaris
Publication: November 2008